NFL 2010 AFC North Preview: The Baltimore Ravens Will Rip Through The Division And The Pittsburg Steelers This Year

I have seen a lot of drama in the NFL. No division has more drama that the AFC North. Never before has more morons been in one division. Ironically the team with the least drama in the AFC North has a murderer for its defensive leader and just signed another killer to the offence.

This division has been dominated for years by The Pittsburg Steelers. No team can lose its three biggest offensive threats and hope to take its division. Gone are Wide receiver Santonio Holmes and running back Willie Parker. In addition to these losses Ben Roethlisberger is looking at a 4 – 6 game suspension.

I wonder if anyone has figured out what Ben’s penis has cost himself and The Pittsburg Steelers in legal fees, merchandising sales, endorsements and payouts. That has to be one expensive penis to maintain. Now it looks like Ben’s penis may also cost The Pittsburg Steelers the division.

While the The Rooneys and The Pittsburg Steelers were trying to spin Ben Roethlisberger’s latest rape allegations during the off-season.  The Baltimore Ravens were getting better. A lot better. If you saw The Baltimore Ravens last regular season game against The New England Patriots you know this defense is still for real.The Baltimore Ravens did not beat The New England Patriots in that game, they punished them.

Now add a killer offence to that killer defense. Wide Receivers Anquan Boldin (from Cardinals) and Donte’ Stallworth (from The Florida Penal System) are Quarterback Joe Flacco’s latest toys. These stud receivers added to the receiving corps with Mark Clayton and Derrick Mason and two new tight ends… you now have a dangerous offence.

The Cincinnati Bengals also got a lot better this off season. The biggest addition is head case Terrell Owens and deep threat Antonio Bryant. With Chad Ochocinco not showing any signs of slowing down this is also a lethal offence. Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson should have a great year with 3 receivers who all warrant double coverage. Look for Benson to be a Fantasy stud this year.

Then we have we have Eric Mangini’s Cleveland Browns. Aptly named this team is a shit show. No team in the history of the league has spent more picks on bust receivers and quarterbacks. Early reports out of The Cleveland Browns training camp is Colt McCoy is an INT machine.

That is just what you need when your best receiver Bobby Engram needs a walker. Cleveland Browns President and football genius Mike “The Hoagie Killer” Holmgren smartly hired Colt McCoy insurance by bringing in Quarterbacks Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace. How sad is that?

Al Pacino said it best in Any Given Sunday “life is a game of inches”. The inches between Ben Roethlisberger legs cost The Pittsburg Steelers any shot at the off season this year. This is The Baltimore Ravens division this year. That is if they can keep The Cincinnati Bengals receiving corps at bay. I think The Baltimore Ravens style of smash mouth football will do it.

Look for The Pittsburg Steelers to finish 3rd in this division and The Cleveland Browns picking first in next year’s draft. Speaking of drafts some of these AFC North babes look like they might be a bit chilly.