Stone Brewing Company’s Chris Cochran Is Going Green!

Hello Everyone and greetings from the Stone Brewing Co. As many of you know, and have witnessed for yourself, we do a charity fundraiser every-other-year here at Stone Brewing that requires participants to permanently dye their hair a color we choose. In the past I have dyed my hair, red , blue , and a few shades in between…and it will be GREEN this Friday!

Well, guess what? We are doing this incredibly fun fundraiser once again this year and will be raising money for some very worthy charities! It works much like a walk-a-thon where participants get pledges to dye their hair, so I am asking for all of your assistance in helping me reach my goal. Every little bit helps so please consider making even the most modest of pledges…it all adds up.

For information about the fundraiser click here

To see who is joining me, and to get my registration number (#0003) click here

To make me a pledge, click on this link!

Oh, and remember this is the one time every two years that I finally get around to asking all of you for your support…and of course I really appreciate the help…so please make a pledge today!