Batman: Arkham City – More Details Revealed

The latest issue of Game Informer, with the Batman/Catwoman cover, is out, and new Batman: Arkham City details have been revealed:

– Catwoman is the primary motivation for Batman in this game, as Two-Face is planning on publicly executing her in order to gain enough power among the inmates, so Batman has to rescue her.

– Batman’s secondary motivation is uncovering the full details of Hugo Strange’s secret past and bringing him down.

– The combat system is being expanded, with multiple simultaneous counters in addition to the earlier-mentioned projectile counters and full gadget usage.

– More enemies will be fought at once, with bigger crowds than in Arkham Asylum, and a mix of melee and projectile mooks will be more common. All in all, a greater emphasis on crowd control in combat.

-All of the supervillains are out for themselves, so Arkham City’s environment is an all-out turf war, with Batman smack in the middle. Details on how this will be utilized in-game are still unknown.

– For the Riddler’s challenges, the map system has been replaced with minion interrogation, and actually getting the trophies is going to be more challenging.

– Zsasz and a whole load of other characters are getting side-missions dedicated to them as you play through the main story.

– Story interaction will put more emphasis on Batman interacting with the villains, and not just beating the crap out of them.

– A new weak-wall mechanic allows Batman or anyone else to break through walls, either to provide a quick and messy finish to a fight, or to get the jump on somebody.

– A new gadget called the broadcast analyzer allows Batman to analyze different radio frequencies, either to advance the plot along or to uncover secret events and locations.

– Batman gets a new taunt button.

Batman: Arkham City sounds like it’ll improve the original Batman: Arkham Asylum by leaps and bounds. Especially if you can taunt as Batman. Let us know what you think.

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