North American Breweries Creates App That Locates Imperial® Cerveza Across The Country

A new iPhone application helps fans of Imperial® Cerveza locate their favorite beer in their town and around the country. The application, called “Pura Vida,” is available free at the iTunes on-line store. Click here to download

Once the application is downloaded, iPhone users can search the map for places to purchase Imperial® including grocery and convenience stores, bars and restaurants, gas stations, bowling alleys and more.

 The name, address and phone number are provided, along with a list of other North American Breweries products available in that location. Additional products in the NAB portfolio include Labatt, Honey Brown, Genesee, Dundee, and Seagram’s Escapes. The search feature also allows users to explore other cities for their favorite brews – a great tool when planning vacations. Click here to view a demo

“Imperial® is the first beer brand in the U.S. to have this sort of application,” said James Pendegraft, vice president of sales for North American Breweries. “Now people can download the free app and find our products in stores, bars and restaurants around the country. Our hope is that it will drive consumers to our many partners throughout the United States carrying their favorite beer and malt beverages.”

You must be 21 years old to download the Pura Vida App.

About Imperial®

Imperial® is considered a national symbol and also the No. 1 selling beer in Costa Rica with nearly 60% market share. Imperial® uses the finest ingredients and natural spring water to create a tropical beer with a flavor profile in-between Pilsner and Dortmunder styles of beer. Made with a combination of malts, cereals, and hops, the beer has a slightly bitter to medium taste. Imperial® is imported by The Genesee Brewery from Costa Rica. They currently hold US distribution rights in AL, DE, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, NC, NJ, NY, and TX. For more information on Imperial, follow them on Twitter at or become a fan at