Week 2 NFL “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions

That’s 1 week down, and 16 more to go for the 2010 NFL regular season. Week 1 saw it’s ups and downs and we were treated to our yearly opening-weekend upsets. Week 2 looks like it could be a bit more stable, but who knows at this point. Teams we are expecting to be good, could wet the bed, and bad teams from last year could instantly be contender this season. There is only one way to find out, and that is to keep watching.

Our in-house NFL expert, Cletus, only picked 6 games correctly last week, so he is looking to redeem himself. Fortunately for most people reading this, is that when the members pick games better than Cletus, he sends you prizes. In week 1 he is sending out a DVD prize pack and a Nerf football to the lone member who picked 13 out of the 16 games correctly.

To enter our contest, simply click the link to our picks and predictions directly below. It is free to enter, all you have to do is register a screen name. We’ve included the Vegas point spreads, betting lines and over/under on the entry page to help you out in your selections.

Click here for the NFL week 2 picks and predictions

The rules of the game are easy… Each week Cletus, will predict the outcome of every game for that week. You, the members, agree or disagree with the “House” picks in hopes to achieve a better set of picks for the week. If the collective membership predicts more games correctly, then the House is beaten and prizes are awarded.

Every member’s total picks will be tracked over the course of the season and displayed on the weekly leaderboard. At the end of the season, the member with the most correct overall picks will be named the grand prize winner. Last season our winner was awarded a set of DVDs that would likely rival most people’s entire collection. There were also some great Nerf products included in the prize pack.

Sound easy enough? It is. The best part is that there are no entry fees and no obligations. All you have to do is register in the TMR forums because we track your picks using that screen name… so choose it wisely.

The Prizes…

If the House is beaten, one random member will win a DVD prize pack containing at least 3-5 DVDs. The pack will include at least one current-release DVD. Be on the look out for special releases and box sets as well. We also tend to throw in some non-DVD prizes to spice things up a bit, you just have to keep checking back in to see what is up for grabs that week. Again, this is only awarded to a member IF the collective membership Beats that House for that given week.

NFL logoThe member with the most correct picks each week is guaranteed a new Pro Grip Football, courtesy of NERF. If more than one member leads the pack in any given week, ties will be broken by overall picks on the year. Winners can choose from pre-selected NFL team footballs. Not all NFL teams are available.

Jägermeister Players of the Week
After members have made their weekly game selections, it is time to participate in the “Jägermeister Players of the Week”. Members guess who they think will be named the offensive and defensive players of the week. If both of those players are named as the NFL players of the week for that specific week, the member is awarded a Jägermeister 6-shot bottle cooler. See the lineup below. Please, PLEASE read the official rules for this part of the contest… especially the spelling part.

So how does all that sound? All you have to do is register in the TMRzoo forums (if you haven’t already) and visit the Beat the House weekly picks page to make your selections. We’re very much looking forward to this ultimate version of “Beat the House” and I hope you are as well. Tune back in on Tuesday, and every Tuesday throughout the season, to see the updated leaderboard and where you rank against The House and the rest of the membership.

Good Luck and have a great 2010 season!