NFL Week 1: AFC and NFC Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week

The NFL Players of the Week for week 1, Kickoff weekend, have been announced and are shown below… and to the left. As in most cases during the first week of the season, not a single member entering our “Jagermeister Player of the Week” contest guessed a single one of the players correctly. That’s right, none of the four players were even guessed once, by anyone. We typically see a dark horse making an impression right out of the gate each year.

The Week 1 NFL Players of the Week are:

Offense: Matt Forte – Running Back – Chicago Bears
Defense: Adrian Wilson – Safety – Arizona Cardinals

Offense: Arian Foster – Running Back – Houston Texans
Defense: Daryl Smith – Linebacker – Jacksonville Jaguars

Peyton Manning and Julius Peppers were the most guessed players on either side of the ball. Manning had the numbers to be crowned, he just didn’t win the game. Julius Peppers had a half-decent game as well. He only registered one tackle, but it was a sack and he also had a forced fumble.

No winner this week, sorry, but voting is already open so you can enter this week’s “Beat the House” and Jagermeister Player of the Week contests RIGHT NOW. Just click the link below:

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For those of you unfamiliar with our contest, it is twofold. First, you agree or disagree with our “House” picks for week 2. Then you enter your guesses for two players who you think will be named by the NFL as players of the week. The two contests are entered at the same time, but run independently, so you can win one or both in any given week. Click the link above to enter and get the official rules and details. You can win a DVD prize pack and/or a Jagermeister 6-bottle shot cooler.

Good Luck and enjoy week 2!