AXE Presents: Scents That Turn Girls On – A Study

I just wanted to fill you in on some new stuff going on with AXE. Below are the results from two national studies conducted by AXE. The info could translate into some cool facts/trivia (and just in time for National Unmarried and Single Americans week – so it’s timely!)

The research is focused on the connection between scent & attraction and found that where a girl lives determines what scents she’s attracted to.

While this research shows that scent preferences are determined by location, we also found some universal truths about scent and attraction:

• 56% of girls say they won’t date a guy who smells like their dad.

• 1 in 4 girls will wait anywhere from two weeks to a month before washing their sheets in order to keep their guy’s scent under the covers.

• 2 out of 3 women (66 percent) said they would be more likely to make out with a guy on the first date if he smelled good.

• One out of two women admits that she has committed theft by stealing an article of clothing from a guy to smell when he’s gone

• Nearly half of girls (58 percent) sleep in their guy’s clothes because they like his lingering aroma.

• 60 percent of girls still remember the smell of their ex’s cologne.

Check out AXE Facebook page for a breakdown of girls’ scent preferences by city.