Yet Another Top Ten Burger List Still No Cure For Arterial Plaque

After sampling sandwiches from dozens of chain restaurants, Consumer Reports has named the McDonald’s hamburger the worst-tasting burger.

The magazine surveyed 28-thousand people nationwide to come up with the rankings on a ten point scale. Five Guys and In-N-Out Burger topped the list. Burger King came in tied for next to last place.

If McDonald’s burgers are so bad, why are billions sold each year? Restaurant consultant Edmund Woo has the answers, and can talk with you about:

-What makes a really good burger, and a really bad burger
-Why McDonald’s burgers score so low, but their fries do so well
-What makes Five Guys and In-And-Out Burger so great, for folks that don’t have those chains in their area
-If Edmund is surprised by the rankings of best and worst burgers
-Does a cheap burger always mean a lower quality burger, or a more expensive burger a better burger?

Edmund Woo is the author of THE FIVE HOUR RESTAURANT WORK WEEK. He consults restaurants nationwide, is the owner of the South Carolina based Saskatoon restaurant franchise, and is a contributor to CHEF Magazine.

The list:
18. McDonald’s, 5.6 /10,
15. Krystal, Burger King and Jack in the Box, 6.3 /10,
14. A&W Restaurant, 6.5 /10,
12. Wendy’s, and Sonic, 6.6 /10,
11. White Castle, 6.7 /10,
9. Carl’s Jr, and Checkers Drive In, 6.9 /10,
8. Hardee’s, 7.2 /10,
7. Whataburger, 7.3 /10,
6. Culver’s Frozen Custard, 7.5 /10,
4. Burgerville, and Back Yard Burgers, 7.6 /10,
3. Fuddruckers, 7.7 /10,
1. (tie) Five Guys and In-N-Out Burger, 7.9 …