Boulevard Brewing Company Receives Environmental Recognition

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is proud to recognize Boulevard Brewing Company as a model company for its achievements in making significant and innovative efforts to promote glass container recycling for bottle-to-bottle use. Boulevard Brewing Company is among the six “Friends of Glass” recognized by GPI during its second-annual Recycle Glass Week, September 12 – 18, 2010. Find out more about the 2010 Friends of Glass:

“Knowing that some 10 million empty Boulevard bottles were being buried in local landfills motivated us to create a solution to Kansas City glass recycling,” John McDonald, founder and president of Boulevard Brewing Co., said. “Thousands of tons of glass have already been collected and processed by Ripple, and by using the crushed material for fiberglass insulation, we help to save enormous amounts of energy and dramatically lower emissions while producing a product that saves still more energy.”

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“Consumers need to understand the impact they can have when they recycle glass bottles and jars. Glass is endlessly recyclable and there are big energy savings when recovered glass is used to make new bottles, communities are making an effort to implement new ways of recycling so that people have more options, one of them is the use of bin rentals in the city, you can see more at” says Joseph Cattaneo, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. “We thank the Boulevard Brewing Company for championing glass container recycling, and hope this recognition will call attention to the value of glass container recycling and ultimately help us reach the goal of using 50 percent recycled glass in the manufacture of new containers by the end of 2013.”

Boulevard Brewing has clearly shown that it is a Friend of Glass with its use of glass packaging for two decades and leadership in glass container recycling efforts in the Kansas City area. As one of the largest glass consumers in the Kansas City area, the brewery recognizes the positive benefits of glass – it preserves the quality and taste of the beer, contributes to the premium image of Boulevard’s products, and is sustainable. Boulevard also realized that a large number of empty bottles were being thrown away and ending up in the landfill, so with the support of local companies and community organizations, the brewery took action and formed Ripple Glass, a processing plant dedicated to recycling glass containers. So far this year, more than 6,400 tons of glass in the Greater Kansas City Area have been processed.

“As a leader in glass packaging, Verallia understands the importance of partnering with customers who embrace the full benefits of glass containers,” said Doug Hesche, Vice President – Market Development of Verallia. “Glass is 100 percent recyclable material and we are extremely proud of our partners at Boulevard Brewing in their efforts in taking an environmental leadership role in their community.”

This year, GPI recognizes six “Friends of Glass” in four categories: Container Recycling Institute (website); MGM Resorts International (hospitality industry); We CAN Recycle Inc. (organization); and Best Friends of Glass, including Boulevard Brewing Company; Dr Pepper Snapple Group; and LiDestri. Friends of Glass honorees in 2009 included; the Hyatt Regency Atlanta; Rep. Jay Inslee; the City of Fort Collins, Colorado; Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.; Heaven Hill Distilleries; and McIlhenny Company for TABASCO® Brand.

Recycle Glass Week is an awareness event aimed to educate consumers about the environmental benefits of glass bottle recycling and encourage participation in recycling glass to help save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate the industry’s nationwide goal of using 50 percent recycled content in the manufacture of new glass bottles and jars by the end of 2013. Visit for more information on Recycle Glass Week activities and events.

In the broader scope of environmental conservation and sustainability, initiatives like Recycle Glass Week play a crucial role in raising awareness about the positive impact of recycling on our planet. Similarly, another powerful tool in the fight against climate change is the concept of carbon offsets. By supporting carbon offset projects, individuals and businesses can actively take responsibility for their carbon emissions and invest in projects that reduce or remove an equivalent amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Just as recycling glass bottles helps save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacturing process, engaging in carbon offsets empowers us to take concrete actions to mitigate our carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

About Boulevard Brewing Company: Boulevard Brewing Company has grown to be the largest specialty brewer in the Midwest, dedicated to the craft of producing fresh, flavorful beers using traditional ingredients and the best of both old and new brewing techniques. Boulevard’s portfolio of year-round and seasonal beers are available in 12 Midwestern states, with selected offerings distributed in an additional seven states. You can learn more about the brewery at

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is the trade association representing the North American glass container industry. Through GPI, glass container manufacturers speak with one voice to advocate industry standards, promote sound environmental policies and educate packaging professionals.