24-Ounce Beer Cans Roll Off A New $3.5 Million Production Line at The Genesee Brewery

Today, the first of millions of 24-ounce beer cans, rolled off a new $3.5 million production line at The Genesee Brewery. The line, which took more than five months to install, has the capacity to package as many as 360,000 cans a day over three shifts. By October, 24-ounce cans of Genesee, Genny Light, Genesee Cream Ale, Genesee Ice and The Original Honey Brown Lager will arrive at convenience stores and retailers throughout the country.

“We recognize the growing consumer trend in single-serve cans. And we’re confident beer drinkers will choose Genny when given a choice at retail,” said James Pendegraft, vice president of sales for North American Breweries.

In order to make the product available, the Brewery had to undergo extensive construction. Crews demolished a 20-foot exterior wall in order to move the equipment into the second story location and installed an epoxy floor across a 10,000-square-foot area creating a space for the 150,000 pounds of equipment. “This production line was built into the existing floor plan to take advantage of unused space. Our new line upholds the best energy, quality and safety practices industry-wide,” said Kenn Yartz, chief operating officer, North American Breweries. “We recently received AIB certification throughout the brewery in Rochester, which is the ‘quality’ gold standard in the food and beverage industry.”

About a dozen new employees will manage the 24-ounce beer can line’s daily operations. “There’s room to grow as we continue our success,” said Pendegraft. “Our sales team has been focused on securing distribution. To date, many national and regional chains have agreed to slot our 24-ounce beers.”

According to Nielsen, single-serve containers account for more than 50 percent of beer unit sales in convenience stores. Retail sales of Genesee products are up more than 30 percent in that channel. The new products in single-serve 24-ounce beer cans are expected to spark additional growth for the Genesee family. “This is compelling for both chains and independent operators,” said Pendegraft. “Having the right product mix will increase sales and build share. We believe the Genny 24-ounce can line-up provides the package size and value that beer drinkers are looking for, which will help our retail partners win.”

The Genesee family of 24-ounce beers will be featured at the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) annual conference during the first week of October. “There’s a lot of excitement around this. Having the right products consumers want, combined with the popularity of nostalgic brands like Genny, keeps our Rochester brewery busy,” said Pendegraft.

About The Genesee Brewery

The Genesee Brewery, based in Rochester, New York, is one of the largest and oldest continually operating breweries in the United States and is a proud member of North American Breweries. The brewery makes the historic Genesee line of beers, Seagram’s Escapes, the Original Honey Brown Lager as well as Dundee Ales & Lagers family of craft beers. Additionally, the Genesee Brewery imports and markets Imperial Cerveza from Costa Rica. The Genesee Brewery also manufactures beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages under contracts on behalf of other companies.