NFL Week 2 “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions and Michael Vick Update

This is it for week 2. In a few hours, half of the NFL games scheduled for this weekend will be kicking off and that marks the close of the entry period for our “Beat the House” competition. It is also the close of the “Jagermeister Player of the Week” contest. If you’ve already entered you have nothing to worry about, but if not just click here or the graphic of the lovely bikini-clad ladies holding the Lombardi Trophy to the right, and you’ll find yourself on the contest entry page.

Also on that page, you will see the point spreads for each game, the betting lines and the over/under as reported by, and they are up-to-the-minute accurate.

So far there are four games that the masses disagree with, and two of those feature a mass majority disagreement. Nobody seems to like Cletus’ picks of the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Bucs beating the Vikings and Panthers. The most agreed-with game at the moment is the pick of Philadelphia Eagles besting the Lions in Detroit.

The announcement that Michael Vick would be starting for the first time since before he went away to prison swung both the voting on this site and betting in Vegas, strongly to the Eagles’ side. Vick looked incredibly impressive in one half of football in week 1 as he relieved (former) starting QB Kevin Kolb. If Vick repeats the performance, the Eagles’ front office has some big decisions to make in the upcoming weeks.

There WILL be some drama in Philly, but what else is new. Not only will it be amongst the fans and local sports media, but what will be feeling in the locker room if Andy Reid goes back to Kolb after Vick lights it up, especially if Kolb puts out performances like he did in week 1. There are too many young players on that offense that are looking for that fat second contract and they’re going to need their stats to accomplish that.

Stay tuned!

If you haven’t entered your week 2 game and player of the week picks… do it now!