Week 2 NFL Recap and “Beat the House” Results

After a horrible showing in my debut week as the TMR Zoo pickmaster, I was looking to redeem myself with the second set of games. Only getting 6 NFL games correctly is pretty bad no matter what week it is. I almost redeemed myself with a victory in week 2, but with a couple of tricky bounces, and some horsepucky, I pushed with the members instead of beating them outright.

Four of my picks we disagreed with by a majority of voting members of the site, but only two went in my favor. The two I chose correctly were huge victories by the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Bucs. Almost 80% of voters didn’t like my Miami pick, but in the end, and after 4 turnovers by football’s biggest drama queen, the Dolphins left the field victorious as the playoff favorite Vikings fell to 0-2.

The “one that got away” was the Washington Redskins loss to the Houston Texans. Man, that timeout before the kick bullshit has to stop. How come dancing in the endzone is unsportsmanlike but doing something to intentionally screw with the kicker is not? Its time to do away with that bull poop. After the Redksins missed a game-winning kick in overtime, after making it the first time, the Texans marched down and kicked their own to go 2-0. Looking at the box score I’m not sure either team sent a defense on the field since both QBs passed for over 450 yards.

Here is the bottom line for week 2:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 2: 10-6 8-8 10-6
2010 Overall: 16-16 20-12 19.5-12.5

Since it was a 2-2 split, at least I can say I wasn’t beaten and I don’t have to issue a DVD prize pack to anyone and make my bosses unhappy. However, I do have a Nerf ball to give away and that goes to the highest pick set of the week. Since we have a tie with 12 correct picks, we’ll go to the highest total on the year, which makes Babusa our Pro-Grip Football winner for week 2. Congrats!

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There is still one more part of our contest to be decided and that is the Jagermeister Players of the Week. Those players will be named by the NFL tomorrow, so we’ll send out another update as to who those players are and if anyone has won.

You can vote on my week 3 picks and predictions starting Wednesday morning. Keep checking the Beat the House entry page for the change in week or to review last week’s picks.

Thanks for playing!