NFL Week 2: AFC and NFC Offensive and Defensive Players of the Week

The NFL Players of the Week for week 2 of the 2010 season have been announced and are shown below… and to the left. Unlike the week 1 entry period, we did have some correct guesses this week. Unfortunately, all of those guesses were for Clay Matthews and nobody guessed either of the offensive players correctly. Oh well, better luck next week.

The Week 2 NFL Players of the Week are:

Offense: Jason Snelling – Running Back – Atlanta Falcons
Defense: Clay Matthews – Linebacker – Green Bay Packers

Offense: Andre Johnson – Wide Receiver – Houston Texans
Defense: James Harrison – Linebacker – Pittsburgh Steelers

This marks the second straight week a Houston Texan has been named the AFC offensive player of the week. In the opening weekend, it was running back Arian Foster. Could Matt Schaub be next week? It would make a great story and you know how the NFL loves a great story. He’d definitely get the nod if his stats back it up. You can actually enter him as your week 3 guess right now.

Clay Matthews was a great pick for this week and an amazing 10% of all entries had him as their guess. Clay is the first player in Packers history to record 3 sacks in consecutive weeks. He could have easily been named POW last week as well. He’s a guy to certainly keep on our radar in future weeks. A few people had him matched up with Peyton Manning, which was a god possibility since Peyton took his kid brother out to the wood shed on Sunday Night Football.

No winner this week, sorry, but voting is already open so you can enter this week’s “Beat the House” and Jagermeister Player of the Week contests RIGHT NOW. Just click the link below:

Click here to enter your week 3 NFL picks and predictions

For those of you unfamiliar with our contest, it is twofold. First, you agree or disagree with our “House” picks for week 3. Then you enter your guesses for two players who you think will be named by the NFL as players of the week. The two contests are entered at the same time, but run independently, so you can win one or both in any given week. Click the link above to enter and get the official rules and details. You can win a DVD prize pack and/or a Jagermeister 6-bottle shot cooler.

Good Luck and enjoy week 3!