BYOB (Bring Your Oskar Blues) To Holiday Parties Cans Are Classy

Looking for something new to bring to holiday parties this year? Next time you are in the liquor store shopping for a holiday party, remember BYOB (Bring Your Oskar Blues). BYOB, the number one craft beer in a can that is turning heads and blowing minds compared to what previously came from a can. BYOB and know that even the hardest to please wine drinking partier will fall in love with one of Oskar Blues’ six taste bud fulfilling brews.

Whether one is dreading a holiday party and needs a conversation starter or really looking forward to bringing something different to the party, BYOB. With conversation starting names like the Oskar Blues winter brew Ten FIDY imperial stout, or the Mama’s Little Yella Pils, the conversations are sure to be a blast.

BYOB and be an Oskar Blues craft beer connoisseur with this brief and easy to remember history:

Set in the heart of Colorado craft beer country, Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons began canning its beers in November of 2002 with a hand-canning line in the 60- year-old barn next door to their funky little brewpub. Although it’s now a full-throttle canning operation that is quickly expanding its cult-like following across the nation, Oskar Blues remains true to its original mission of simply blowing minds with what can come out of a can of beer.

This year the beer can turned 75 and is just beginning to see its success in craft beer. The success started when Oskar Blues purchased its first small hand-canning machine from Cask ( and then worked with Ball Corp ( to produce small batches of cans in order to make it economically viable to start the canned craft beer movement. At the time Oskar Blues had no idea that eight years later they would be one of 70+ canned craft beer brewers and would be such a driving force in the evolution of craft beer.

BYOB and express your environmental commitment and knowledge as well.

Environmental Advantages of Cans:

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Cans allow breweries to reduce their carbon footprint due to weight and volume shipping advantages. One hundred cases of cans can be shipped on a standard pallet versus 60 cases of glass bottles, which reduces fuel usage & keeps Mother Nature happy. Consider the weight differences between an empty glass bottle and an empty can.

BYOB (Bring Your Oskar Blues)