NFL Week 3 Picks and Predictions: Detroit Lions Beat Minnesota Vikings

I’ll admit I’ve made some off-the-wall predictions so far this year, but my week 3 pick of the Detroit Lions beating the Minnesota Vikings seems to be the most controversial so far. Right now, the voting on my picks has only 10% of readers agreeing that the Lions can beat grandpappy Favre and he Vikings. I’m sticking by my pick though.

I watched the entire game between the Lions and Philadelphia Eagles in week 2. That Lions defensive line is a relentless collection of players. Newly-anointed starting QB Michael Vick was sacked six times. Yes, that was 6, and yes, that was Mike Vick. He avoided about 5 other sacks and only Vick can and shook off a handful of defenders that had him in their grasp. Any other quarterback in the league would have been sacked 10 times.

Lions starting DT and 2010 first round draft pick Ndamukong Suh has a motor that just won’t quit… and he’s coming for you, Brett.

Unless Brad Childress runs a heavy dose of Adrian Peterson for the entire game, the Lions defensive line alone will force that panicky old codger Favre into multiple ridiculous game-losing mistakes. In fact, it will be so bad, there will be national and league-wide speculation that Favre might call it quits.

With Matthew Stafford still out, it won’t be a high scoring game. I’m thinking it will end up somewhere in the 17-14 range with the Lions emerging victorious.

Other week 3 predictions that aren’t too popular are Tampa Bay over Pittsburgh and Denver over Indianapolis. If you feel the same way as the majority, feel free to swing by the “Beat the House” picks page and agree or disagree with my picks as you see fit. You could win anything from DVDs, to Nerf Footballs to a Jagermeister Cooler. Check it out here.

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