Howard Stern: Sandy Kane Battles the Naked Cowboy On the Air over “The Naked Cowgirl”

Like many of you reading this, the first time I heard the name Sandy Kane A.K.A. “The Naked Cowgirl”, was on the Howard Stern Show this morning. She came in to debate The Naked Cowboy and why he won’t allow her be “The Naked Cowgirl” because it infringes on a copyright he owns. Also, like you, one of the first things I did was Google “Sandy Kane” to see what the deal is while assuming that anyone willing enough to play a guitar “naked” on the streets of New York has to have her shit together and look pretty good.

Um, what?

What I saw is what you can see below… if you dare even click the thumbnails. WTF, mate? Her MySpace profile says she is 38. Um, I am 37 and this woman looks like she could be my mother. I can understand why the Naked Cowboy wants her to have nothing to do with his “franchise”. I’m not sure where the outfits starts and the wrinkles end:

Sandy kept insisting that she is doing nothing wrong, but it is the Naked Cowboy‘s manager that is insisting on the legal fight. The Naked Cowboy seemed unaffected by Ms. Kane yelling at him in the studio.

Aside from someone calling herself the Naked Cowgirl being 76 years old, the most fascinating thing I learned today on the Howard Stern Show is that the Naked Cowboy actually has shit shit together and has some dough in the bank through several franchises. He isn’t just some vagrant parading around Times Square in his underwear. It also sounds like he received quite a settlement in a suit he filed against M&Ms candy for using his image, without permission, in a TV commercial.

I’d say you can check this episode out on Howard TV, but if you’re like me, are just used to tuning in to check out the hot babes Howard has on the show… not a guy in his underwear and a senior citizen in a bikini. Still, check out our friends at to see what’s playing on the On Demand channel this week.