Howard Stern’s 25 Greatest Celebrity Guests Special To Premier on October 2

Over the years, Howard Stern has interviewed a who’s who of “A-list” celebrities, sparing nobody from his no-holds-barred style. Now, Howard TV is set to premiere a brand new action-packed original special, Howard Stern’s 25 Greatest Celebrity Guests. This fast-paced time machine of The Howard Stern Show’s best-ever celebrity interviews is hosted by TV alumnus, movie star and comedian Jim Breuer. Breuer amps up the energy in this 80 minute countdown special which premieres nationwide on cable’s Pay-Per-View and Video On Demand starting Oct. 2, with a sneak preview now available to Howard TV On Demand subscribers.

From some of the most iconic personalities of our times like Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Duvall, Jim Carrey and David Letterman, to the sexy star-power of Heather Locklear, Carmen Electra, or Pam Anderson, the special is filled with some of Stern’s most shocking, revealing, compelling, but always entertaining interviews. The new Howard TV-produced PPV and VOD special features the best-of-the best from The Howard Stern Show’s immense video archive featuring over 15 years of show footage from both Howard’s E! show and current content from Howard TV On Demand.

Especially nostalgic are appearances by the late, great comedian, Rodney Dangerfield and the flirtatious and funny Farrah Fawcett. It is riveting to see multiple clips through the years of recurring guests like James Caan, Rosie O’Donnell and Willie Nelson. Stern’s interviewing style gets celebrities to open up like no other – producing outrageous and unpredictable interviews such as with Cuba Gooding Jr., Gary Busey, the Osbornes and Anna Nicole Smith. These are just a few of the guests in this jam-packed event, and the show exemplifies that Howard Stern’s interview skills are simply unmatched by anyone. So who else was selected for the top 25 and who are in the top five? Check out the special to find out more.

Interspersed between the interview clips are visits to a Howard Stern “Celebrity Superfan Roundtable.” Stern’s long time executive producer Gary “Baba Booey” Dell’Abate hosts a discussion of Stern’s interviewing style and other topics with several celebrities who are themselves big fans of the show. The panel consists of Jeff Probst, David Arquette, Natalie Maines, Jillian Barberie Reynolds and Mark McGrath. According to Probst, “Howard is a generally curious guy, even off the mike.” And Maines said, “It’s not only how he asks the questions, but that he has the courage to ask the questions.”

“Howard Stern’s 25 Greatest Celebrity Guests” will be available on several platforms:
Howard TV On Demand: special sneak preview started on Sept. 23.; Video On Demand on most major U.S. cable systems from Oct. 2 – 23. Viewers can check out find out where to find the VOD special on their systems; Pay-Per-View – Premieres on most cable systems Oct. 2 – 31. Schedule is available on

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