Gisele Bundchen Is Caught Kissing Another Man While Tom Brady Prepares To Play The Miami Dolphins (Pics)

Typically here at TMRzoo we are reporting cheating scandals involving male athletes and celebrities. This is the first time we have reported on an alleged affair by a female celebrity.

These pictures of Mrs. Brady at first blush do not look good. As reported by Sports By Brooks this could be just a kiss on the cheek. These photos could be taken totally out of context. It could even be a prelude to a kiss on the mouth; Europeans are not as uptight as Americans about a kiss.

Then again last time I checked Ton Brady is American not European. I would imagine he may have given Gisele Bundchen a WTF phone call over this. That is if Gisele Bundchen can hear her phone over the din of the Paris nightlife.

The guy in the pictures is Helly Nahmad. Helly is a French art heir and trust fund millionaire. It looks like Giselle Bunchen is having a hell of a time with him. So as I said the French don’t see a kiss as a big thing. If Helly got anywhere near the Brazilian’s brazilin that would be different. I think that would be game over for the Brady’s

My big question is while Tom Brady is in Miami preparing for an all important Monday Night game against the Miami Dolphins and Giselle is playing kissy face in Paris. Who is watching the baby? Brady and Bunchin have a child, Benjamin Rein Brady, who was born in December 2009. Even more important is who will the baby spend Christmas 2010 with if Helly did see the Brazilian’s brazilin?

As you can see in these picture this is not the first time Helly and Giselle have been photograhed getting cozy.