Gap Inc. Brands Changes Their Logo Is Snubbed And Not Asked To Consult

The New Gap Logo is drawing some negative attention around the web today. Bloggers are calling the new logo cheap looking and rushed. Others say it looks as if a first year graphics student designed it.

While most major consumer goods companies have consulted with TMRzoo on branding and logo design. It seems the GAP has decided to go this one on its own. The business world is calling this one of the biggest snubs in branding history. TMRzoo insider and NFL Analyst Cletus P. Stillwater Jr. commented on the situation and had this to say. “If anyone knows about jeans and stretch pants it is” Stillwater went on to say “Women are wearing their jeans skin-tight once again and stretch pants are back in fashion, the cameltoe has returned”. “Anyone that has seen the TMRzoo camel toe thread knows we know about tight jeans and stretch pants.”

“TMR is all about women’s fashion” reverberated TMR’s communications people. TMR’s Sr. leadership would not comment directly on the Gap’s new logo but did say. “Just like The GAP generates all of our graphic content internally.” “What gives us the edge is our graphic artists are probably looking at more camel toes than the folks at the GAP. “

Insiders would not be surprised if the GAP abandoned their logo design and opted for one of TMR’s more modern designs. One GAP designer who asked not to be named said “TMR incorporated our product into their interpretation of the GAP logo”. “ TMRzoo just might know what The Gap is about more than The Gap does.” she added “ knows their cameltoe”