NFL Football Week 5 Contest Recap and Brett Favre Scandal Updates

It was another dreadful week of picks for everyone and this NFL Week 5 Recap is harder to post than most. At least we still have the Brett Favre / Jenn Sterger texting and voice mail scandal to distract us from bad football. As for this week, everyone in our “Beat the House” contest finished with a sub-500 record. The House only picked 5 games correctly out of the 14 played, while the collective membership and the Madden NFL 11 simulation picked 6 and 7 games correct. Don’t worry, there are 12 more chances to redeem youself, starting with your Week 6 NFL picks and predictions which will be posted and available for voting on within the next 24 hours.

The week 5 and overall “Beat the House” contest results are as follows:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 5: 5-9 7-7 6-8
2010 Overall: 38-38 44-32 42.5-33.5

There was only one game disagreed on, the Bills-Jaguars game, and the members won that pick, so it is prize time! No individual stood out this week as having a good pick set, but 11 wins in such a crazy week isn’t bad at all… especially since it beat the next member by 2 whole picks. jyoung1944 is our week 5 winner and is awarded the movie prize pack, a Nerf Pro Grip football and the AXE Hair shampoo 3-pack. Congrats on a decent week where many a favored team lost to their inferior opponents.

As for Mr. Brett Favre, the information does not stop coming out. We have texts and emails being released by the day and the NFL’s biggest drama queen’s seat is getting hotter and hotter. Check out the TMR Zoo’s latest report of the Favre scandal, and our initial article, which included some smokin’ hot pics, some nude, of Jen Sterger.

As for football… the Brett Favre / Randy Moss era started with a bang, statistically, but the Vikings still were crushed by the Jets whose defense suffocated them all night long on national television. Moss finished with 4 catches for 81 yards and a touchdown, while Favre three 3 late TDs to make the game look much closer than it actually was.

The effort was pretty impressive for Moss who only had 3 days to learn a new offense and all of the associated nomenclature.

For the full Beat the House Leaderboard, click here. There is still one more part of our contest to be decided and that is the Jagermeister Players of the Week. Those players will be named by the NFL on Wednesday, so we’ll send out another update as to who those players are and if anyone has won.

You can vote on the week 5 picks and predictions first thing Wednesday morning. Check out the Beat the House entry page for the change in week or to review last week’s picks.