The Lion Brewery Launches Beers in Cans

To help reach a broader consumer base, the Lion Brewery has installed a new can filling line. Lionshead and Lionshead Light are now available in 12 oz. and 16 oz. aluminum cans, and Stegmaier Gold is on the market in 16 oz. cans, all of which are supplied by Rexam.

Previously offered only in glass bottles, the company chose to partner with Rexam to extend its packaging line-up into aluminum cans because they are easily portable and are the most recycled beverage package in the world. Aluminum cans can go many places that glass cannot – such as parks, beaches and golf courses. The new line is also part of Lion Brewery’s ongoing commitment to upgrade and expand its capabilities and capacities to meet the ever-changing demands of consumers.

“By expanding into cans, we are better able to meet the needs of consumers who want the flexibility to take their favorite brew with them wherever they go,” said Shelley Pheiff, contract sales manager. “We are confident that this investment will add value and help us expand and broaden our business base. Rexam has been an excellent partner, focused on delivering superior quality and outstanding customer service.”

The Lion Brewery was built in 1905, and is one of the largest American-owned breweries in the U.S. Lionshead is its flagship brand, selling over 750,000 cases annually.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Lion Brewery to bring their top-quality beer to market in this popular package,” said Andre Balbi, president and CEO, Rexam Beverage Can Americas. “It’s a great choice to help extend the reach of their brand while delivering superior recycling, sustainability and environmental benefits as well as filling and distribution economics.”

The Lion Brewery also worked with Rexam’s Graphic Art and Printing Plate Operation in Elk Grove, IL, to set the color and graphic tolerances for perfect reproduction of their brand on aluminum cans. Rexam has a company-owned, integrated graphic art and printing operation, complete with a manufacturing pilot line, to set these standards confidentially with customers, before mass production.

Lionshead, Lionshead Light and Stegmaier Gold in cans are currently available in more than 14 states on the east coast.

About The Lion Brewery

The Lion Brewery, Inc. is a contract beverage manufacturer, located in the Northeast region of Pennsylvania, in the United States. Our location is within 300 miles of the largest cities in the U.S. The Brewery is known for its brewing reputation and expertise in making high-quality beverages and providing top-notch customer service. The Lion Brewery is the proud brewer and bottler of the popular brands Lionshead, Stegmaier, Olde Philadelphia Soda, and the Lion Brewery’s very own Root Beer. As one of the largest American-owned breweries in the U.S., we have a large portfolio of customers and pride ourselves on producing the best consumer beverages.

About Rexam

Rexam’s vision is to be the best global consumer packaging company. We are one of the largest beverage can makers in the world, and a major global player in rigid plastic packaging. We are business partners to some of the world’s most famous and successful consumer brands as well as young, entrepreneurial start-ups. We offer a broad range of packaging services and solutions for different industries, using different materials and technologies. Three things characterize us – leadership in our industry, our commitment to innovation and our passion to deliver exceptional value. Rexam’s sales from ongoing operations are approximately 4.8 billion pounds Sterling. We employ some 22,000 people in more than 20 countries and are a member of the FTSE 100. Rexam’s ordinary shares are listed with the UK Listing Authority and trade on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol REX. For further information, visit Rexam’s website at