Fat Burners, Simple Protein and Tri Pharm Incinerate For Fat Loss

tmrzoo-mens-healthWhen it comes to fat loss the research continues to show that a high protein low carbohydrate diet is best for maintaining muscle tone and losing body fat. Quite simply the protein feeds the muscle and the lack of excess carbs circulating in the blood stream allows your body to tap into fat as a source of fuel.

When it comes to which protein to choose for fat loss the clear winner is a mix of whey and casein protein. Although researchers aren’t positive why this combination works best they speculate that the steady flow of amino acids to muscle tissue plays a big role in why the combination of whey and casein is best for fat loss.

Take a look at Intek Protein Evolution or Optimum Health’s Pro Complete 40 for two products that use this type of protein blend.

Women and Protein

Most women would like to have a toned lean appearance. When it comes to their diet many are often falling short on protein which can sabotage physique and fitness goals. Many women also harbor the misconception that protein will get them big. The truth is that protein should be a woman’s best friend. Protein tends to keep you satisfied for long periods of time while also keeping your metabolism moving and making sure lean muscle is maintained. Women should choose a protein that is low in carbohydrates, fats and sodium. Also look for one that combines whey and casein proteins as this is ideal for maintaining muscle and keeping you metabolism moving.

Tri Pharm Incinerate

Incinerate attacks fat from a couple different angles. First, it enhances the breakdown of existing body fat for use as fuel, this process will be further improved when combined with exercise. Second, it helps prevent the formation of new body fat by controlling the enzymatic breakdown of fat. Last, it stimulates a massive increase in metabolic rate or calories burned for hours. Because this product doesn’t use stimulants it can be taken at any time during the day. Incinerate can also be taken with any stimulant based fat burner to make them more effective.

Olio for Optimizing Fat Loss and Improving Health

Olio is a combination of olive oil, CLA, fish and flax oil. It provides essential fats for health purposes with the addition of CLA and olive oil to optimize weight loss.

Research from McGill University in Canada found that olive oil increased resting metabolic rate as well as the energy cost of digesting a meal and post meal energy consumption.

Fats that Burn Fat?? This may sound like a contradiction but the research on CLA and other healthy fats is clear. Healthy fats can promote the body’s use of fat as fuel, changing the body’s fuel source from carbohydrates and protein, allowing it to tap into fats as a source of energy. These fats promote two actions within the body. The first is the breakdown of fatty acids allowing them to get into the blood stream to be used as fuel. The second is to keep excess calories from being stored as body fat.

Supplementing with as little as 1100 milligrams of essential fats can increase fat burning by as much as 35% even after a carbohydrate rich meal. There is mounting scientific evidence that essential fats exert an anti-obesity effect by shifting fat metabolism away from storage as body fat and toward fat burning.

Fat Burners made Simple

Fat burners have three main components.

1) They can provide energy to help with motivation and workout intensity.

2) They can help control appetite so that you are consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

3) They can have a thermogenic or metabolism boosting effect. Allowing you to expend more calories even while at rest.

Each product will have varying degrees of potency relating to each of the three components listed above. For example one fat burner may have a strong appetite component but maybe weaker on the energy component.