The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Get Ready For The Official Trailer

Summit Entertainment has fast tracked the release of the fourth installment of Twilight. Twilight 4 known as Breaking Dawn promises to be all that its predecessors have been. The Official Trailer for Breaking Dawn will make that clear. In this new story line Bela Swan is with child

From Wikipedia: Breaking Dawn is split into three separate parts. The first part details Bella’s marriage and honeymoon with Edward, which they spend on a private island, called Isle Esme, off the coast of Brazil. Two weeks into their honeymoon, Bella realizes that she is pregnant with a half-vampire child and that her condition is progressing at an unnaturally accelerated rate.

As you read this you may say to yourself “this doesn’t seem like a bad story line”. Hold on to your ass with both hands because here comes the swill again. Jacob Black played by the constantly shirtless Taylor Lautner comes into the storyline.

Jacob, who was present for the birth, almost immediately “imprints”—an involuntary response in which a shape-shifter finds his soul mate—on Edward and Bella’s newborn daughter.

Wait a minute isnt Jacob like 25? Someone needs to call Dateline and get Chris Hanson to the Twilight Breaking Dawn set stat.

Of course this new Vampire child will grow at an accelerated rate giving Stephanie Meyers and crew material for Breaking Dawn 2: The Electric Boogaloo. Who buys the horrid nonsense? Once again the Twilight series delivers a content that would be sub-par for even a second tier cable network. Saying this movie is being fast tracked is a joke. Summit is churning out this crap like green shit through a goose.

We have yet to see even the trailer yet but as I have said in the past. You don’t need to see this garbage to know how bad it sucks. So as the Twilight fans brace for the official Breaking Dawn Trailer; I can guarantee the trailer will have the only watchable 3 minutes of the movie in it.

We were the first media outlet to correctly predict how much Twilight – New Moon and Twilight Eclipse would suck. Without seeing the screenplay or a screener once again we are predicting another big suck for the Twilight franchise with Twilight Breaking Dawn. If it wasn’t for mindless tweens, over-weight sexually frustrated housewives and gay men (gay men love constantly shirtless Taylor Lautner) this franchise would have died 3 movies ago.