Week 9 NFL Picks and Predictions: Michael Vick Trounces the Colts

Cletus has posted his week 9 NFL picks and predictions, and they are now available for you to vote on. Cletus, our in-house football expert, has been crowing away since Sunday about his week 8 set of picks and how good he did compared to the members. I’m smelling a bit of overconfidence and a chance for the members to swoop back in and “Beat the House.”

This is Cletus’ first year as The House, but this feature has been running for many moons now. If there is one thing that has been consistent throughout it’s lifetime, is that no matter who they are playing, everyone picks the Colts to win. Cletus seems to have bucked this trend and has screaming up and down since Sunday that the Indianapolis Colts are going down this weekend, and it will be a breakout, MVP campaign game by Michael Vick. I tried to explain to him that he could still play it safe and pick the Colts because everyone else will agree, but he wasn’t having it. He actually called me “soft liken a rottin squarsh”, whatever that mean, and my “nuts are in the pail”. I assume that was a gelding reference.

Anyway, you can disagree with that pick and all the others Cletus has made at our “Beat the House” page. You can win some cool prizes if you beat Cletus’ pick set for the weekend.

Stay tuned later for the results of our Jagermeister “Player of the Week” contest, which you can also enter for week 9 at the Beat the House page.