Randy Moss Was 100% In The Right Once Again, Brad Childress Continues To Make Bad Decisions

The wild world of Randy Moss continues to evolve. Sports writers and bloggers continue to make situations out of non situations in the star receiver’s life. After a relatively quiet stint with the New England Patriots all eyes turned to Randy in the first press conference of his contract year. During that press conference Moss told the reporters he wasn’t going to negotiate his contract through the media. Randy went on to exclaim his love for The Patriots, Belichick and the Kraft Family. I see this as smart and classy.

The national media spun this as disgruntled, disorientated and the Boston press called Randy a distraction. The Boston piled on by slamming the San Francisco Giants hat Moss wore during the press conference. Tight assed FOX 25 Boston hag reporter Kim Carigan went an extra step to show contempt for the way Randy Moss had the hat tilted to the side. I guess a black man in Boston can’t show a little urban flair? At least not in Kim Carigan’s world.

FOX 25 Boston went on to report that Randy Moss and Tom Brady had a locker room altercation over Brady’s hair. Tom Brady and Randy Moss both went on the record to call this ridiculous and declared they remain close friends.

Why is this empty suit commenting on sports? Don’t try to make NFL Football about hair styles and hats.
Here is a tip for Kim Carigan. Do your human interest fluff pieces on Zip Trips and puppies and move on.

Randy Moss is then traded to The Minnesota Vikings by The New England Patriots for a 3rd round pick. Once in Minnesota Randy Moss decides to freeze out the press, can anybody blame him? Roger Goodell and the NFL hit Randy in the pocket for 25 grand for his silence. Cue another crazy press conference and Brad Childress and the Vikings cut Moss.

This time around the story is The Vikings served BBQ at a team meal and Randy Moss complained. It is “reported” that Moss asked the caterer “what the fuck is this shit” then commented “I wouldn’t feed this to my dogs” which pissed off Captain Crock Brett Favre.

The meal in question was “…barbecue pork ribs, chicken, some pasta alfredo, a round of beef and a dessert tray” Resturanture Gus Tinucci commented later “He didn’t even try the food to know if he would feed it to his dogs or not,”

The bottom line is Randy Moss is an athlete in training. He was traded to a team that is fighting for their survival. If you bust your ass all week to condition and train why would you then turn around and fill your body with saturated fats, sugar and tons of sodium.

Keep in mind no grown man especially an athlete is going to eat a 1/4 rack of ribs. A full rack has 60 grams of fat, 240 mg of cholesterol and 2360 mg of sodium. Multiply that number by two for most of the players, 4 for Pat Williams. A desert tray? How about some fresh fruit?

Randy Moss had a right to be pissed off; you don’t fuel a multi-million dollar machine with garbage.

Gus Tinucci’s food is probably delicious and perfect for the off season but right now the Minnesota Vikings should be conditioning. If some grilled chicken, salad and other offerings were available I am sure Moss would have been happy. Moss wasn’t looking for a Ruth Chris Fillet Mignon, he was looking for a healthy option to eat.

This goes to show us that not only does Brad Childress not know how to lead a team. Brad Childress does not know how to train and condition a team. At this stage of the game Brad Childress is making Wade Phillips look like Bill Walsh.

And a note to Brett Favre: Before you call someone out on their manners, know that it is impolite to sext unsolicited pictures of your wiener to women. Unless you are holding your wiener with your pinky up.