Are These Jessica Alba Stolen or Leaked Topless Cell Phone Photos? (Pics)

We came across this set of pics this morning as we were browsing the interwebs. They appear to be some stolen or leaked photos from a cell phone featuring Jessica Alba topless and displaying an intentional nip slip. The pics are not confirmed to be Alba, but hell, look at that mole, I mean beauty mark, on the chin. How can it not be?

The prominently displayed nipple in the “flashing” picture is a bit of a tease because it is through a bra, but shit, this is Jessica Alba we are talking about… we’ll take anything we can get. Jessica has slipped out of the spotlight as of late and there is nothing that gets a hot young starlet back in that spotlight like a nip slip or an intentionally leaked photo.

Well… a sex tape kind of works too.

We’ll stay on top of this issue for you as only the TMR Zoo can. This stuff is of the highest importance to us. Screw that other boring shit like the recent election results, we’re talking Jessica Alba nipple here.

Click any thumbnail below to see the full sized UNCENSORED version of the pic. You can’t see it in that fist belly shot, but the shirt is pulled up over her nipple and you can see every wrinkle in them. Check it out for yourself…

Of course, these could be fakes, but we’ll let you be the judge. I would image we will get some sort of “acknowledgment” of the pics within the next few days or so from the Alba camp. A few of them are undeniably Jessica though. But hey, that shouldn’t stop you from “enjoying” them, now should it?