Free Week 9 NFL Expert Picks and Predictions: Last Call For Contest Entries

This is your last call to review, agree or disagree with our free expert NFL picks and predictions for week 9. By clicking “agree” or “disagree” after each one of Cletus’ expert picks, you are entered for a chance to win some great, fun prizes. When the collective membership picks more games correctly than Cletus, “The House”, prizes are awarded.

Check out our BEAT THE HOUSE contest entry page for the pick, predictions, point spreads and your two chances to win!

Right now, only two games are being disagreed with by a majority of readers, the pick of the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Oakland Raiders and the prediction of the Philadelphia Eagles hosting, and beating, the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts/Eagles percentages is hanging around the 40/60 mark, so there isn’t enough time to pull that game into the agree category by the time kickoff starts. The Chiefs/Raiders game, however, IS still close enough, so do what you have to do to influence that pick.

In case you haven’t seen yet, you can win anything from a DVD/Blu-ray prize pack, Nerf Football, AXE Hair products to a Jagermeister cooler. Enter your picks now before the voting ends at kickoff (1:00pm EST) of the first game.

We are also giving away a football autographed by the Detroit Lions’ starting QB, Matthew Stafford. That one is even easier to enter, just guess the final score of the Lions-Pats game on Thanksgiving day. We’ll give the ball to the entrant who correctly guesses it or comes closest. Oh, and you can enter a different guess every day up until the kickoff of that game.

Good luck in all your contests and pools this Sunday!