NFL Week 9 Recap: Wade Phillips Fired, Michael Vick is Back As Player of the Week

Week 9 of the 2010 NFL Season was witness to some interesting happenings. The national sports media has already crowned Michael Vick as “back”, but new and improved and Jerry Jones finally fired Wade Phillips… a few years too late.

Vick in the league’s elite class of players? Wade Phillips out of a job? Is the NFL finally getting back to normal? We shall see as the season progresses. We’ve only hit the halfway mark. Even Cletus is getting in on the action as he saw his first back-to-back non-losses in his short career as “The House”.

Yes, I did say non-loss. After the House beat the collective membership in week 8, week 9 was a push as the two factions managed a tie after disagreeing on, and splitting, only two picks. Those picks were the Kansas City Chiefs beating the Oakland Raiders in a big division match-up and the Philadelphia Eagles besting the Indianapolis Colts. The Raiders did their job, the opposite of what the House predicted, and as we have mentioned already, Michael Vick and the Eagles outlasted Peyton Manning and the Colts in a highly controversial contest.

With both the House and members both picking 10 games correctly, nobody wins. The overall “Beat the House” stats are as follows:

* The House Madden Sim Members
Week 9: 10-3 7-6 10-3
2010 Overall: 74-56 76-54 79-51

As it says in the title, the axe finally dropped on Cowboys (former) head coach Wade Phillips. This move has been speculated for years, even while the Cowboys were winning, but a 1-7 start to a season where the national talking heads were prediction Super Bowl, sealed the deal. The more surprising move was Jerry Jones promoting Jason Garrett to interim head coach instead of taking the job himself. Don’t worry, you’ll still be at this year’s Super Bowl, Jerry.

And finally, in an event the NFL has been waiting a few years for, Michael Vick returned to form, and plus some, in Sunday’s contest against the Colts. He was already notified that he will be week 10’s NFC Offensive player of the week. Vick did his usual scrambling, but he also unleash some pinpoint laser accurate strikes down the field that he never would have attempted in his pre-incarceration days. Also of note in the game were some incredibly controversial calls by the officials which included a blown defenseless receiver call, a phantom roughing the Manning penalty and a running into the kicker were the Colts’ punter threw himself onto an Eagles player and drew a flag. Amazing stuff.

Vick and the Eagles head down to D.C. in week 10 to have another controversial issue… Donovan McNabb.

Be on the lookout for the week 10 picks and predictions first thing Wednesday morning.