Muscle Building Supplements Made Simple

tmrzoo-mens-healthThe key to building muscle is progressive overload which simply means continually applying more stress to the muscle. In practical terms this means continuing to lift heavier weight each time you go to the gym. The difficult part is making that happen. Most people make progress for awhile and then hit plateaus or sticking points. Good supplement choices should help you make it through these sticking points or even avoid them all together. There are a couple products that are a must in order to maximize your results. You can navigate to this website to find out more.

1) In order to grow you must feed your muscle. Protein is just that, the food for muscle tissue to repair and grow. Post workout try something like After Glow and to ensure you take in enough protein throughout the day use a blended protein like Intek Evolution Protein.

2) Workout intensity is also a must and that’s why pre-workouts where invented. A pre-workout will give you the energy and mindset to make sure each and every workout is productive. We recommend Juice or Lean Revolution for two of the best pre-workouts available. If you haven’t had a chance to try one ask us for a free sample.

3) Handling more reps and more weight means greater strength and more muscle. This is what creatine is designed to help with. Creatine works via a couple pathways (depending on the product) and a good one will have you setting personal bests in your favorite lifts. In this category ANS Diesel Fuel is head and shoulders above the rest. Anyone who has tried it can attest to the significant results it provides.

4) Testosterone reigns supreme as a muscle building hormone. Several products on market can optimize you body’s production of it making it easier to get stronger and build muscle. Quality products include Test Revolution, Natural Test and TNT.

There are a numerous other products that can help the muscle building process but these are some of the most important.

Pre-Workouts for Energy and Performance
Most people judge their pre-workout based off of how much energy it provides. Don’t get me wrong I love the energy feel but don’t short change your results by using energy as your only point of evaluation. A good pre-workout should be designed for four key components.

1) Energy

2) Cellular Energy – allows the body to push more weight

3) Fatigue Buffering – extends time muscle is under tension

4) Pump (Enhanced Cellular Storage Capacity)

Diesel Fuel

When you step outside of the hormone category Diesel Fuel is probably the most effective muscle and strength building product on the shelf. In a sense you are combining three potent muscle building pathways in one product.

1) Cell Volumization

Diesel Fuel stretches the muscle cell allowing it to super hydrate while at the same time turning on protein synthesis. The result is quick gains in strength and over time muscle hypertrophy or size gains.

2) Enhanced ATP Production

Progress in the gym is all about muscle overload. Being able to hand more weight and more repetitions leads to improved strength and size gains. ATP is the energy substrate that allows your muscle to do work. Having more of it allows them to do more work.

3) Insulin response and Glycogen storage

Diesel Fuel enhances cellular storage capacity for glycogen and by doing so creates an anabolic environment which is beneficial for muscle growth. It is designed to drive fluids, amino acids, and energy specific nutrients into the muscle cell.

Weight Gainers
The idea behind a weight gainer or high calorie meal replacement is to help the end user take in more quality calories and protein to encourage greater strength and muscle growth. Be careful when you choose one of these products as the one with the most calories is typically not the best product. If total calories where the only consideration in what you consume on a weight gaining diet than you would eat all your meals at fast food restaurants. Quality is just as and probably more important than total calories. Think about this, would your body function better on steak, potatoes and greens or KFC.

We typically find that most hard gainers have the most success with Optimum Health’s Mass 600. Not only does it pack 600 calories per serving but it does so by using high quality whey isolates and casein proteins. It also uses complex carbohydrates and essential fats derived from flax oil. Muscle is gained when the body is fed with high quality nutrients; unfortunately most people with low quality weight gainers just end up getting fat.