Lingerie Football League in Gets Banned In Oklahoma City By Right Wing Mayor Mick Cornett (Gallery + Pics)

Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett does not think the Lingerie Football League is right for his city. This is a city that has more strip clubs and porn shops than it does churches. If you go to Google Maps and type in “strip club Oklahoma City” the map looks like it has broken out with the measles. So what is Mick Cornett’s real problem?


Mick Cornett serves as the National President of the Republican Mayors, he could be preparing for a right vs. left battle for the White House. Maybe it is the fact that Mick Cornett thinks he knows what is best for everyone in Oklahoma City; he did put the city on a diet. I think it comes down to Mick being an ex-reporter and a media whore who will do anything for attention.

The bottom-line is if the people of Oklahoma City don’t want the Lingerie Football League, the Lingerie Football League will fail. Let people vote with their wallets. If it does prosper, the Lingerie Football League will bring much needed revenue into the city. This isn’t a nude event; this is hot women in lingerie playing football. What the hell is Mick Cornett’s problem?

Cornett said Thursday “there are too many problems to list” and he will not let the LFL play in any city-owned venue. Lingerie Football League chairman Mitchell Mortaza said Cornett is taking away the freedom of individuals to choose what sporting events to attend. Mitchell Mortaza is absolutely right.

The huge contradiction in this whole mess is Mick Cornett is a huge supporter of professional sports. Mick Cornett has been lobbying to get a NBA team in Oklahoma City for years. You know the NBA it is that sports league that alleged rapist Kobe Bryant lead The Lakers to the championship last year. Mick Cornett is fine with infusing his city with a bunch of NBA thugs. College girls playing football in their jammies is out of the question.

The bigger contradiction is the NBA cheerleaders would be wearing the same outfits as the girls in the Lingerie Football League. I just don’t get it.