Oskar Blues Brewery: Coldest Beer, Hottest Brand

America’s Hottest Brands is an Advertising Age special report highlighting the year’s 50 brightest brands of the year and the visionaries behind them. This report is an assemblage of the most innovative and successful brands, across a broad spectrum of products and services. Oskar Blues Brewery represents the soul of the craft beer industry within the list of business giants. “We’re the scrappy little guy that took a lot of risk.” said Dale Katechis, the visionary behind Dale’s Pale Ale.

What began as a joke just eight years ago has launched a beer can revolution. After realizing the benefits of the can package and taking a risk, that idea has turned out to be a profitable endeavor and the beginning of what is today an ever-expanding national trend. “It was far-fetched for anyone to really believe, even in our industry, that someone would put a full-flavored, hoppy beer in a can,” said Dale Katechis, recalling the 2002 launch of Dale’s Pale Ale. “Some people laughed it off.”

As the first of 100+ breweries canning craft beer, Oskar Blues is quickly expanding its cult-like following across the nation. Oskar Blues remains true to its rebellious original mission of simply blowing minds with the possibilities of what to expect out of a can of beer. Oskar Blues brewery is known for stuffing complex, three- and four- dimensional beers into 12 oz. cans. As cans become a fashionable package, Oskar Blues continues to walk-the-walk by brewing and canning beer they want to drink.


Three-dimensional brewing since 1999, Oskar Blues began the “Canned Beer Apocalypse” in 2002 when Dale’s Pale Ale became America’s 1st CANNED craft beer.