NFL Week 11 “Beat the House” Picks and Predictions: The Final Brett Favre Scandal

The TMR Zoo “Beat the House” picks and predictions have been made for week 11 and are now awaiting your review. The House, who we lovingly know as Cletus P. Stillwater, has been on a roll as of late, winning or pushing each of the last three weeks while compiling a 25-15 pick record. With all of the NFL teams through with their bye weeks, both the House and the members again have a full 16 games to pick from… and stack their pick records with. Check out the Beat the House picks page and enter yours for week 11.

The one thing Cletus has been crowing about around the TMR headquarters is that this week will feature Brett Favre’s last scandal… his final NFL appearance. It would only be fitting that the Green Bay Packers deliver that final death blow that puts the text message king out of his misery. We shall see though, even if the Vikings lose as The House has predicted, I just can’t see Favre hanging it up any time soon. He has much more self-embarrassment to go through still.

Speaking of embarrassment, one of Cletus’ big predictions last week was that Jason Garrett would not be able to motivate the Cowboys enough to muster a win against the division-leading Giants. It was the Giants who suffered the embarrassment as the Cowboys took the apart under a national microscope. The Cowboys will go on to face the Lions, who they should beat, as the Giants head to Philly to face the Eagles and Michael Vick, the hot team and player that the national sports media has been fawning over these past few days. This is another prime-time game, we shall see how the Giants respond. Cletus has them falling to the already-crowned MVP and Eagles.

You can disagree with that pick and all the others Cletus has made at our “Beat the House” page. You can win some cool prizes if you beat Cletus’ pick set for the weekend, including a DVD Prize Pack, a Nerf Footall and some Axe Hair products.

Stay tuned later for the results of our Jagermeister “Player of the Week” contest, which you can also enter for week 11 at the Beat the House page. A Jager 6-Bottle Cooler is up for grabs if you can guess two of the four Players of the Week correctly.

Good Luck!