Free NFL Week 12 Expert Picks and Predictions: Post-Thanksgiving Games

The three Thanksgiving Day NFL games have been played already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enter your picks for the remaining 13 games on the schedule. Hell, 13 correct games will most likely give you the best pick set for the week so step right up and enter your week 12 Beat the House picks NOW!!

Last week was the first time in November that we issued prized due to the “House” being beaten. These things come in streaks so look for a few more beatings in a row… and beating the House equals prizes. A blu-ray or DVD prize pack along with a Nerf Pro Grip Football is what is up for grabs this week. You can check out how everyone has fared so far this year at the TMR Leaderboard.

All three Thanksgiving Day games were agreed with by the collective membership, but in the Sunday edition of week 1 games, we have two picks that are being hotly contested. No one likes the House pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars over the New York Giants. The Giant are coming off of a huge division road loss against the Philadelphia Eagles and are now hosting the Jaguars. I can understand the disagreement. 90% of voters do not like this pick.

The second game not liked very much by the group is the prediction of the St. Louis Rams hosting, and beating, the Denver Broncos. The Denver Broncos were supposed to be much better this season, but are sporting a 3-7 record and are last in the AFC West. Meanwhile, the Rams, who picked first overall in the 2010 NFL Draft, are 4-6 but are in striking distance of the NFC West lead. Stay tuned to see how this one plays out, but I am agreeing with the House on his Rams pick.

Make sure you also enter our Jagermeister “Player of the Week” contest, which you can also enter for week 12 at the Beat the House page. A Jager 6-Bottle Cooler is up for grabs if you can guess two of the four Players of the Week correctly.

Enjoy the rest of week 12!