Free NFL Week 13 Expert Picks and Predictions Contest: LeBron James Competes with Michael Vick for Thursday Ratings

Cletus, our staff football expert, otherwise known as “The House”, has made his week 13 NFL picks and predictions and they are available for your viewing pleasure at our Beat the House contest entry page. We will have Thursday night games for the remainder of the season, so if you want credit for that pick, make sure you submit your entry prior to the kickoff of that game.

This Thursday we have former “fighter” Michael Vick hosting recent “fighter” Andre Johnson in the NFL Network’s featured contest. Unfortunately, the two Pro Bowlers will have to share ratings with a higher-profile sporting event… LeBron James’ return to Cleveland to play the Cavaliers for the first time as a member of the Miami Heat. I don’t think the NFL stands a chance in this one.

There is widespread speculation that Andre Johnson WASN’T suspended for his week 12 on-field slugfest with Cortland Finnegan so he could play and make the game more marketable in hoped to at least compete with the NBA contest. The game IS on the NFL Network. Hmmmmmm.

Cletus has picked the Eagles to win that match-up, which is no surprise, but it looks like he has quite a few “gamble” picks in there this week. One of which is the Minnesota Vikings hosting the 2-9 Buffalo Bills, and getting beaten by them. He makes a similar pick when he predicts that the also 2-9 Detroit Lions host the 8-3 Chicago Bears and beat them in a trap game.

Don’t agree? You can certainly speak your mind either in the comment section below or simply by registering a “disagree” vote on the picks page. Remember, if the collective membership’s weekly record beat the “House” record, the member with the best pick set wins a prize pack featuring some Blu-rays or DVDs and a Nerf Pro Grip football. Enter Now!

The second contest you can enter is our Jagermeister Players of the Week contest. On the Beat the House page, simply pick one player on offense and one on defense and if those players are announced as players of the week by the NFL, you win a 6-bottle Jagermeister cooler. Great stuff!

The week 12 Players of the Week have not been officially announced by the NFL yet, but we expect to report on them later to day to see if anyone has won this week’s contest.

Make your picks now! And please enjoy week 13. The remaining games are dwindling down so enjoy the football while you can.