JamPlay Guitar Pack Brings Guitar Lessons to the iPhone

Proving the possibilities for iPhone apps are limited only by the imagination, JamPlay.com has just released the JamPlay Guitar Pack, the world’s first guitar lesson application to deliver hundreds of lessons to a hand-held platform.

The JamPlay Guitar Pack streams video guitar lessons, including licks, riffs and exercises, to the user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. As JamPlay.com instructors add new videos to its extensive library of online guitar lessons for all levels and styles, they are automatically added to the JamPlay Guitar Pack, so the user never has to update the app.

But guitar lessons are just the beginning. The JamPlay iPhone app also features a chord library packed with thousands of chord voicings; a scale library, with 42 different scales across all keys; hundreds of exclusive backing tracks; and a mobile metronome. But perhaps the most unique feature of the app is its ability to use the integrated microphone to turn the user’s hand-held device into a guitar tuner.

JamPlay Guitar Pack even includes some content that’s strictly for entertainment. The app features videos of performances by the JamPlay instructors, all of whom are professional musicians, as well as video interviews with some of the world’s top guitar players.

“Everything [in the app] works really well, and anyone that belongs to JamPlay knows these guys don’t mess around,” wrote one JamPlay Guitar Pack reviewer. “This version already has more on the lessons side than any of the other apps, on top of the standard features like the built-in tuner and chord charts.I’m sure future updates will make this even better, but it’s already replaced my other guitar apps.”

JamPlay.com knows a little something about using technology to deliver lessons. Offering both acoustic and electric guitar lessons for players of all levels, from novice to expert, JamPlay.com is the leader in online guitar lessons. Subscribers have unlimited access to more than 500 lessons from 44 professional instructors with new video lessons daily — all for just $19.95 per month. Subscribers can also interact with instructors live on web cam and download other supporting materials to enhance their learning experience. They are also encouraged to see the page for a face to face advanced guitar lessons with the experts from Pasadena Music Academy.

For a limited time, JamPlay.com is offering JamPlay Mobile for just $1.99, available through the iTunes App store. Once downloaded, the app is automatically updated with new video guitar lessons at no additional charge.

“JamPlay.com is proud to introduce the JamPlay Guitar Pack,” stated JamPlay.com co-founder Kevin Wimer. “It is an incredibly inexpensive way to learn the guitar from literally anywhere, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.”

To learn more about JamPlay.com, visit http://www.jamplay.com. View and download the JamPlay Guitar Pack at http://iphone.jamplay.com.