Suds With Securb: Top Ten Strip Clubs In America

When it comes to Strip Clubs and Gentleman’s Club’s there are two distinct species. We have the dirty dives featuring 195 lbs dancers with cesarean scars. The other is the upscale Gentleman’s Club with centerfold quality dancers and 5 star dining. Between these two ends of the spectrum lies every other Gentlemen’s Club on the planet.

We all have different tastes not just in clubs but also in women. Some of us love down to business titty bars with heavy metal blasting and tattooed betties spinning on poles. While others would prefer to sit back in a leather lounger with a 30 year old scotch and a 21 year old ex-homecoming queen.

We are not here to make a judgment on which is better. Our task today is to give you a sampling of the best the US of A has to offer. So without delay here is the Top Ten Strip Clubs In America.

1.) Rick’s Cabaret
50 West 33rd Street
New York, New York has called Rick’s Cabaret “The best Strip Club in NYC” I am going to one better them and say it is the best in the country. Rick’s Cabaret has 3 floors of non-stop entertainment brought to you by some of the hottest women on earth on three stages.

Rick’s Cabaret is a destination you can spend countless hours at. The food is superb ranging from generous $10 lunch specials to 28 oz Porterhouse Steaks and 21 day dry aged Filet Mignon. After your meal you can enjoy a great cigar on Rick’s roof top deck or retreat to one of their Private VIP Suites.

Bonus: Two for One Sundays!

2.) The Lodge
10530 Spangler Rd
Dallas, TX

For those of you that are not aware Dallas Texas is a hotbed for stripclubs. The Lodge is a world class upscale Gentleman’s Club. The Lodge has some the best steaks in a city known for it’s great steaks. The Lodge Is modeled after a classic hunting lodge with big comfortable chairs and wood paneled private dining rooms. The Lodge is located near the airport and has private rooms for business meetings. The women of The Lodge are the most beautiful and classy women you have ever laid eyes on.

Bonus: $10 lunch special menu include Filet Mignon and Surf and Turf.

3.) SKIN Tampa
1620 E Adamo Drive
Tampa, Florida

Skin is advertized as Tampa’s only upscale fully nude gentleman’s bar. Skin has quite a few great attributes. First it is open all night until 6 A.M. Secondly they offer free transportation to and from the club. SKIN keeps a rotation of 30 girls so you never get bored. Thirty dancers per shift also ensures there is plenty of talent walking the floor at all times.

Bonus: Mention you saw them on Facebook and they will waive the cover charge.

4.) Hollywood Show Club
5481 Bunkum Rd
Washington Park, Illinois

This St. Louis hot spot is best of breed. The Hollywood Show Club is well lit with great site lines. The staff is as smoking hot as the dancers and are ultra friendly. Everybody at Hollywood Show Club does their best to make you feel right at home. Don’t be surprised when you hear Metallica and Guns & Roses pouring out of the clubs speakers. The girls are hot and the music is heavy.

Bonus: Hardcore porn on flat screens all over the club

5.) Show & Tel
1900 S. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

My biggest disappointment with most Strip Clubs is the beer selection. If you follow you know I am a bit of a beer geek. My beer choices can cost $13 per bottle in a beer bar. I would expect to pay double that in a gentleman’s club. If like me you would like to kick back in a strip club with a bottle of Chimay or a bomber of Stone Arrogant Bastard, Show & Tel is the solution to your beer woes. Show & Tel is an all nude B.Y.O.B gentlemen’s club. You supply the booze Show & Tel furnishes the hot women.

Bonus: Open until 4 A.M.

6.) The Clubhouse
2250 Manana Dr
Dallas, TX 75220

Yes we are back to Dallas. The cool thing about The Clubhouse is it is half rock club and half strip club. The Club was owned by Pantara’s Abbott brothers. With the passing of Dimebag, Vinnie Paul keeps the dream alive. This place is truly a Clubhouse. Blaring heavy Metal music, sports on the flat screens and hot naked girls everywhere. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Bonus: Naked ASS Beer Pong – Hellyeah!

7.) Spearmint Rhino
5539 Athens Boonesboro Rd.
Lexington, Kentucky

Yes I know you are thinking to yourself “Don’t you mean the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas?”. While the Spearmint Rhino Las Vegas is a world class operation as all Spearmint Rhino locations I love the charm of their Lexington, Kentucky club. The southern hospitality, the sweet southern accents for the drop dead gorgeous dancers.. .how can you go wrong? The club has a thirty girl night time staff so there is plenty to look at.

Bonus: Paltry $5 cover is waived with a downloadable coupon on their website.

8.) 4 Play Gentleman’s Club
2238 Cotner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

As the all nude smoking hot tanned California talent is passing by, you will find yourself humming the Randy Newman hit “I Love L.A.” While you watch the talent you will find yourself wondering where you have seen these girls before. It will soon dawn on you have seen these girls in movies and in some of the better men’s magazines. The night we went we met two girls from Playboy! The staff is ultra friendly, the experience is first class end to end.

Bonus: lap dances, couch dances and bed dances

9.) Great Alaskan Bush Co
2980 Grand Avenue
Phoenix, AZ

Whenever you have a city with a ton of colleges you are going to have a ton of hot talent in the strip clubs. Not only are the girls hot but the Great Alaskan Bush Co has found a way to circumvent Phoenix’s strict gentleman’s club rules. Arizona law states you cannot serve alcohol in an establishment with fully nude girls. Great Alaskan Bush Co is broken into two rooms. One with topless dancers and alcohol the other is fully nude. This being Arizona you will see a healthy mix of hot Latinas along with every other shape and type of girl.

Bonus: $5 lap dance lunch special

10.) Little Darlings
1514 Western Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada

You didn’t think we could close this list out without a nod to Las Vegas. What stands out about Little Darlings is their smoking hot wait staff. We found ourselves staring as much at the clothed girls serving drinks as we did at the fully nude smoke shows on stage. Little Darlings has two stages so there is always something going on. The place is nonstop entertainment. Little Darlings are also the ones that brought the Strip Mobile to the Vegas Strip. This rolling fishbowl full of hot strippers complete with a pole is a tourist favorite.

Bonus: Tuesdays are Amateur Night and they host a yearly Wet Panties Auction

This is our “Top Ten Strip Clubs In America” please make sure you visit these spot. If your favorite isn’t list here let us know about you favorite spot in the comments below.