It’s Finally Here: the iPad Anti-theft Lock

Apple forged the world’s hottest new gadget but forgot to give us a way to protect it! The iPad® is a remarkable tablet computer that lets you swipe your way to a more mobile lifestyle. But it’s also extremely vulnerable to theft.

Tens of millions of computers are stolen around the world each year. With tens of millions of iPads to be sold by the end of 2012, iPad theft is an epidemic in the making — they’re small, expensive, easy to steal and easy to resell. And since they have no security slot, there’s absolutely no way to protect them from theft. Thankfully, Mac Locks has solved this problem with the iPad Lock: the first and only iPad cable lock.

Why do you need to protect your iPad? Here are some reasons that should have you shaking in your iPants:

You’ve spent a small fortune on something that has become invaluable to you. So why not spend a fraction of that cost to protect it? You lock up your car, don’t you?
You store valuable information on your iPad and it automatically logs into your e-mail accounts, social networks and maybe even financial accounts. Do you really want someone walking away with all that?
Computer theft is said to affect nine out of 10 companies; IT managers have estimated that 45% of thefts would be prevented if a lock were deployed.

Of all the iPad accessories out there, this is the one you need if you’re to use it in public places like schools, offices, libraries, hospitals and coffee shops. With an iPad Lock you retain all of your mobility — you can lock and unlock it in seconds, taking it with you wherever you go. The only other solution out there is to mount your iPad to a stationary bracket, which defeats the purpose of having an iPad in the first place!

The iPad Lock is also the best security solution for retailers: Stickers leave residue. Security cameras, theft detectors and security guards — which are much larger investments — only catch events once they’ve happened. Using a cable lock is certainly the most effective way to deter and defeat iPad theft.

How Does it Lock?

The first component of the patent-pending iPad Lock is a hard, clear plastic case you can leave on for everyday protection. And since the iPad has no security slot, the case has one built in. That way you can lock the security cable to the case, and loop the cable’s other end around a fixed object (like a table). Once the case and cable are locked together, thieves can’t detach the case without damaging the iPad.

Likewise, the strong steel cable will discourage any thief. Weighing less than one pound, the cable is extremely sleek and its lock-head has the smallest diameter of any computer lock in the world. This makes the iPad Lock flexible and light, not to mention stylish, so you can easily pack it in your bag and take it with you wherever you go.

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Reseller Information

Are you a retailer of Apple accessories? Mac Locks is setting up worldwide resellers and distribution channels for the iPad Lock. E-mail immediately to secure your first shipment! Also, for a limited time, each unit comes with a FREE scratch-resistant screen protector ($25 retail value).

The product has a suggested retail price ranging from $39.95 to $79.95, and comes in three variations:

1) Stand-alone case: Custom security case for iPad

2) Security bundle: Custom security case for iPad + universal security cable lock

3) Resale pack: 25 or 100 units of the stand-alone case or security bundle

About Mac Locks

Mac Locks sells the world’s best locks for Apple computers. It is a division of Compulocks Group, a leading supplier of computer security solutions to large corporations, federal governments, resellers and distributors worldwide. CompuLocks was founded by Gad Alexander and exclusively designs, markets and sells Noble Security-branded products. The iPad Lock was created by industry-leading inventor Mr. Meir Av Ganim.

*iPad is a registered product of Apple Inc.