Who is Hotter Olivia Munn or Candace Bailey (Pics + Gallery)

Over the years we here at TMRZoo.com have closely followed the career of Olivia Munn. She has dressed as Princess Leia to our delight. Olivia Munn has also rocked many a bikini. No matter what she was wearing we have always been pleasantly surprised by Olivia’s attributes.

You can imagine our dismay when we found out last night that Olivia Mun had been replaced on Attack of the Show by Nickelodeon’s Candace Bailey. Our first thoughts were is G4 out of their minds? Our second thought was where can we get bikini shots of Candace Bailey…has she done Maxim?….Playboy..I wonder if Candace Bailey has a sex tape. …are there any Candace Bailey nude pics out there?

Unfortunately for us none of the for-mentioned exists. On the bright side I don’t think it will be long before AOTS has Candyce Baley in a bikini…or maybe dressed like Princess Leia. I guess we will have to wait for a few episodes to unfold to get out answers.

Still there is one question that can be answered today. Did Attack of the Show get an upgrade or is this a bad move by ATOS? Some may even call it a lateral move. We want to get your feedback who is hotter Oliva Munn or Candis Bailey? If a photo is worth a thousand words the pictures below are priceless. So log in an let us know what you think.