Free NFL Week 14 Expert Picks and Predictions Contest: Albert Haynesworth is Suspended

The TMR Zoo expert picks and predictions have been made for week 14 and are available for you to agree or disagree with as you choose. As you know, by clicking “agree” or “disagree” on each of our staff picks, you have the chance to win some Blu-rays or DVDs and a Nerf Pro Grip Football.

There have been a few big news items announced since the conclusion of the week 13 set of games, most notably the benching/suspension of Pro Bowl defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth by the Washington Redskins and the firing of Denver Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels. Usually, moves like this can light a fire under a team’s ass and make them play a little harder… at least for the following game. Keep this in mind when making your picks for week 14. To know where other experts think the week 14 games will go, you can check out the week 14 NFL odds.

Albert Haynesworth is the highest-paid defensive player in the NFL, but has been anything but motivated since receiving that contract from the Washington Redskins. There was immediate tension between him and new head coach Mike Shanahan at the start of pre-season camp. Haynesworth’s work ethic has been a bone of the contention with the Superbowl-winning coach and finally benched him in week 13 before suspending him for the final four games of the 2010 season, the most a team can suspend a player. Haynesworth is currently appealing the ban.

As for Shanahan’s former team, the Broncos, they have been anything but stable since he left. Replacement Josh McDaniels has posted a last-place 3-9 record this season, which included getting caught, and punished for, another video taping scandal. McDaniels was a member of the New England Patriots’ coaching staff during the original “Spygate” scandal.

Denver heads to Arizona this weekend to play the Cardinals, who can’t seem to do anything right. Will the McDaniels dismissal fire them up enough to earn their fourth win of the season? That is for you to predict.

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