NFL Players of the Week for Week 13: Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are Top QBs

The NFL has named it’s AFC and NFC offensive and defensive players of the week for week 13 of the 2010 football season. Aaron Rodgers, quarterback of the Green Bay Packers and Sean Lee, linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys have earned the NFC honors. In the AFC, it was New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, and Pittsburgh Steelers’ safety Troy Polamalu.

This is the second straight week that Tom Brady earned the AFC honor after he and the Patriots dismantled the New York Jets in front of national audience Monday night. With Pro Bowl names like Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Troy Polamalu on the list this week, someone HAD to win the Jagermeister Player of the Week contest, right? RIGHT?

Nope, sorry, guess again, thanks for playing. No winner for week 13. Even though some of the above-mentioned names were some of the most-guessed for this week, no one matched them up together. Tom Brady and Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodger and Clay Matthews were the two most-guessed combinations. If any of those combos hit, we would have had a battle royal for the Jagermeister cooler.

Nobody picked Sean Lee… probably because he looks like a Mii avatar. Peyton Manning was also a popular guess, but that guy throws too many interceptions to be named player of the week.

Voting is already open for week 14 so you can enter this week’s “Beat the House” and Jagermeister Player of the Week contests RIGHT NOW. For those of you unfamiliar with our contest, it is twofold. First, you agree or disagree with our “House” picks for week 14. Then you enter your guesses for two players who you think will be named by the NFL as players of the week. The two contests are entered at the same time, but run independently, so you can win one or both in any given week. Click the link above to enter and get the official rules and details. You can win a DVD prize pack, a Nerf Pro Grip Football and/or a Jagermeister 6-bottle shot cooler.