W PhoneWatch Named Best Mobile Product of 2010

Kempler & Strauss™, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative mobile devices and wireless technology products, today announced that its innovative W PhoneWatch has been named “Best Mobile Product” by the Mobile Excellence Awards, an industry awards program produced by Little Monster Media. The award was presented on Monday, Dec. 6, at the 2010 Mobile Excellence Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

The wearable W PhoneWatch, which was designed to solve the communications needs of active individuals, incorporates a robust set of features including a GSM quad-band phone, wrist watch, touchscreen interface, still and video cameras, MP3 player, and useful applications including a calendar, address book and the ability to easily compose and send text messages.

The W PhoneWatch ships with The Communicator, an innovative Bluetooth headset that allows users to place and receive phone calls and listen to their stored MP3 files in stereo. A video demonstrating the W PhoneWatch is located at: www.kemplerusa.com/wphonewatch/demo.html.

“We’re very excited that the W PhoneWatch has been selected as the top product in the mobile category because the product truly embodies the spirit and functionality of mobile technology,” explained Isaac Calderon, President of Kempler & Strauss. “Whereas the W PhoneWatch does not offer the robust functionality of today’s smartphones, it provides users with a communications solution that provides a degree of mobility that virtually no other communications device can and is offered at a price point that makes it affordable for the typical consumer.”

The Mobile Excellence Awards (http://www.mobilexawards.com) celebrate the best of the best in mobile technology and entertainment by honoring innovation, creativity and breakthroughs from all walks of the mobile ecosystem. Judged by industry luminaries, finalists are scored based on criteria that will help to drive solutions and market initiatives that accelerate the growth of the mobile industry as a whole, including impact of technology used in the industry, creativity, ease of use and reach, and strategic initiative.

The Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch is backed by a one-year warranty and is available at a list price of $199 USD via authorized Kempler & Strauss distributors and value-added resellers worldwide. Additional information on the W PhoneWatch and other innovative products from Kempler & Strauss can be found at www.kemplerusa.com.

About Kempler & Strauss

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