Are Fantasy Football Games a Workplace Distraction?

Fantasy Football became a cultural phenomenon in the 2000s, but its rise was accompanied by questions concerning how fantasy football games effect the workplace and the economy.

During the last few years numerous research articles have attempted to quantify the economic effects — both positive and negative — of fantasy football. Various reports have estimated that fantasy football is a boon to the U.S. economy of more than $4 billion. Conflicting reports suggest that it costs businesses and the economy more than $10.5 billion annually by being a distraction. Which is the truth?

Fantazzle Fantasy Sports, through its commitment to thought leadership in the fantasy sports industry, has created a white paper that has compiled the contradictory and competing information in an effort to understand the net effect of fantasy sports and more specifically fantasy football. After a thorough examination of industry reports, Fantazzle has concluded that fantasy football has never been a drag on workplace productivity or the economy.

Furthermore, Fantazzle found that fantasy football games, and fantasy sports games in general, could be beneficial to workplace productivity. Research is suggesting that fantasy football helps promote office camaraderie and employee loyalty and therefore should be considered as a viable team-building activity. This includes not only fantasy football, but others such as fantasy baseball, fantasy golf, fantasy basketball and more.

Firms following these guidelines are likely to experience an uptick in employee productivity, while those that continue to put stock in false reports about fantasy football’s negative effects will likely cost themselves the very productivity they’re trying to save.

To view Fantazzle Fantasy Sports Games full white paper Fantasy Football is Not a Workplace Distraction please visit the fantasy sports thought leadership section and download the full .pdf for free.

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