MLB 11: The Show Revealed for PlayStation 3

Sony has finally revealed MLB 11: The Show, which will once again be developed by Sony San Diego. The game is set to be shipped on March 8, 2011 for the PlayStation 3; there’s no word of a PlayStation Portable version yet, much less a PlayStation 2.

There will be some level of controversy in that the game will be adopting the option to use analog controls, something Major League Baseball 2K has been struggling with for the last few years, for pitching, hitting and throwing. The game will also include a “guess pitch” option during batting, as well as improvements to the “Road to the Show” career mode and zone hitting.

The game will be including a new offline and online co-op mode, and once again, Sony is promising again that online gameplay won’t be filled with lag and glitches – longtime The Show fans will only believe it when they see it. The game will also shoehorn Move and 3D support into the game; fortunately, both are just optional.

Eric Karros will be joining the commentating team of Hudler, Vasgersian and Campbell; maybe he’ll be the on-the-field reporter like Jeanne Zelasko in other games. Joe Mauer remains the cover athlete.

Let us know if you’re excited for the new edition of The Show. Click “Read more…” for the trailer.


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