Tron Legacy’s Weekend Numbers Eclipsed By Buzz About Olivia Wilde’s Skin Tight Catsuit (Gallery + Pics)

This has been a big weekend for the Walt Disney sequel Tron Legacy. Walt Disney Pictures pulled in a cool 18 million dollars on opening night alone. Adding to the Tron fever Jeff Bridges who starred in both pics made a rare appearance on Saturday Night Live. This is Jeff Bridges second hosting of the NBC late night sketch comedy show.

With all of this fanfare and the iconic Jeff “The Dude” Bridges promoting the movie we are slightly surprised that a lot of the buzz this weekend is about Olivia Wild and her skin tight cat suit.

Let’s bring this into perspective. Olivia Wlide has done Maxim and GQ bikini shots. Making me scratch my head a bit more is Olivia Wilde did a nude scene in Alpha Dog. This wasn’t a flash of the goods Olivia Wilde was naked in the sex scene for quite a bit of time. Getting a good look at her goods shouldn’t be too hard for the internet savvy. A Google images search will bring back everything from Oliva Wilde nip slips to full on nude photos and video. What is all this buzz about a skin tight cat suit?

The Rotten Tomatoes rating for the original Tron is 69% while the rating for Tron Legacy is at 79% and trending up. These are pretty good numbers for not only a sci fi flick but also a sequel. These numbers also tell me 21% of the movie going population are morons.

What I am surmising from all this buzz is. Tron Legacy is a great movie. Jeff Bridges has a sustainable career and Olivia Wlide is titillating no matter what she wears.