Joe Viglione Is Awared 2010 “Producer of the Year” Honors at Winchester Community Access & Media

Every once in awhile, one of our own is recognized for their outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry. December 10th at the Winchester Community Access and Media (WinCAM) annual awards party was one of those times.

The TMR Zoo’s very own Chief Film critic, Joe Viglione has been named “Producer of the Year” for 2010 by Winchester Community Access and Media. Please join me in congratulating Joe for his accomplishments.

Public access veteran host Joe Viglione established Visual Radio in 1995 at the local origination studio in Woburn/Stoneham. Fifteen years and hundreds of interviews later Viglione is a member of stations in Stoneham, Winthrop, Cambridge and Winchester, with Visual Radio airing in dozens of communities in Massachusetts as well as on Manhattan Neighborhood Network in New York City. His first program was T.V. Eye which broadcast in 1979 from the old Warner studio on Day Street in Davis Square (across from the post office)

In the picture above, Assistant Station Manager Joe LaRocca hands Joe Viglione his award on Friday night,December 10, 2010 at Winchester Community Access & Media. The station awarded Joe an excellent Jimi Hendrix book JIMI HENDRIX: An Illustrated Experience as well as a nice cash award.

You can read Joe’s body of work here at the Zoo or at any of the sites below:
Joe Viglione on Wikipedia
Joe Viglione on
Landing Big Names/Boston Globe
(Note: the Lou Reed book is still a work in progress, a DVD of the information from the forthcoming book will most likely be issued in 2011 on the Music Video Distributors label.

Congratulations again, Joe!