Michelle Ryan Wife of Jets Coach Rex Ryan Allegedly Shows Up In Fetish Videos on Swingers Site

Brett Farve may owe his ex boss Rex Ryan a big Christmas gift. It looks like Rex and Michelle Ryan have bumped Brett’s scandel off of the front pages. If seems that The Jet’s coach’s digital hi- jinks may be haunting him. Deadspin.com the people that brought us the Jenn Stenger penis pictures have dug up what is reported to be sex fetish videos of Rex Ryan and his wife Michelle Ryan.

The milfy (is that a word?) blonde in the picture is a dead ringer for the coach’s wife. The pictures are clear as a bell and you can hear what sounds a lot like Rex Ryan directing. Adding to the evidence pointing to this being to the Ryans is the video was shot by a couple in Ellicott City, Md. Ellicott City was the Ryans home when Rex Ryan was an assistant coach with the Ravens.

There are too many similarities to list between The Ryans and the couple on the swingers site where the videos were found. Birth dates, heights and physical descriptions all match Michelle and Rex. He most damning evidence is the video itself – Stevie Wonder could tell this is Michelle Ryan. Even more shocking is the description of assorted sex practices listed in the online profile. The profile goes on to say “I love womens feet and want to watch my wife take a big one in all 3 holes” (profile pops to bigger window)

Though Michelle Ryan is a hot mom we are happy this is just a fetish video and not a sex tape. There is not enough eye bleach on the planet to erase the image of a naked Rex Ryan going to work on Michelle. The big question is if The Ryans did swing will their swinging partners come forward? If so is there additional and even more explicit video of Michelle Ryan out there? Maybe nude pics? A shout out to the swingers of the Baltimore area. If you got the pics…post them.

What we have possibly learned from this is Rex Ryan will put anything in his mouth…including feet.