Free NFL Week 16 Expert Picks and Predictions Contest: Playoffs Still Possible for 20 Teams

Cletus, our football guru has made his NFL week 16 expert picks and predictions and they have been posted for your review. Yes, this is the first of the final two editions of our Beat the House contest for the 2010 season. Remember, by clicking “agree” or “disagree” for each pick you have a chance to win some prizes should the House picks turn out to be garbage. You can also win a Jagermeister 6-Bottle Shot cooler should you pick the week 16 players of the week correctly. Enter Now!

Amazingly, 20 teams still have the possibility of earning playoff spot. According to our House predictions, only 2 playoff spots in each conference will be vacant if everything goes according to plan. Currently, only the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers have secured playoff spots in the AFC and the Chicago Bears became the first team to win their division in the NFL. The Atlanta Falcons have also clinched a playoff berth. If the games go as predicted here, after the weekend, the Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles will have secured their division titles while the Ravens, Jets and New Orleans Saints will all clinch berths.

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That would leave five divisions up for grabs heading into the final week. Congratulations NFL, you have your parity. Since the league only needs six days notice to flex a game in week 17, I’m sure this weekend’s results will dictate what that game will be. You know a game will be picked that will decide at least one playoff spot, probably two, so we will all be watching the NFL regular season until the final seconds of it’s final game.

The predicted results would also guarantee a sub-500 team winning the NFC West with it still being up for grabs by the Rams, Seahawks and Niners in the final week. Great stuff!

Not only do we have a Thursday game again this week, but there is also a Saturday, Christmas Day edition as well. If you want credit for those two games, you MUST have your picks in before kickoff.

Again, you can’t win if you can’t play, and you only have two more shots. Head on over to our “Beat the House” picks and predictions page to enter your week 16 picks as well as who you think will be the players of the week to win some great prizes!

The week 15 players of the week results will be announced Wednesday evening. I have already been informed that Michael Vick has been named the NFC’s player of the week, so if you guessed him, keep your fingers crossed for your defensive selection.

Good Luck!