TMR Babe Flashback: Sexi Barbie Lingerie and Bikini Shots

For Christmas we thought we would give you another look at one of the most popular babes in TMR Zoo history – Sexi Barbie. Here are some great shots of Sexi Barbie in everything from lingerie to bikinis. Short of the infamous French Maid’s costume I think we have it all covered here.

Here is Sexi Barbie as she was show on the pages of TMRZoo on Jul 11, 2008  

It’s time for this week’s hottie from the pages of MySpace. I can’t tell you much about this week’s gal. I don’t even know her real name, location or age. She simply goes by “Sexi Barbie”, 98 years old, and lists her location as Barbie World… bitches.

It seems like she spends most of her time on MySpace writing about “haterz”, “bitchezzz” and “fakers”… with some minor rants about assholes and stalkers. But hey, we’re not here to read the text anyway, it’s all about the images!

Images we have, and plenty of them, but I apologize upfront about all the text on these pics and their smaller size compared to our past MySpace Hotties… but this body cannot be missed, you guys HAVE to check this shit out. If you want to check Barbie our yourself, check out her MySpace page.

So haterz, bitches, fakers, stalkers, assholes, Cowboys fans and all other douchebags… eat your heart out:

Did you get enough?

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