Updated NFL Playoff Scenarios and Wildcard Weekend Match Ups

Your team SUCKS!!The NFC Playoff roster is finally set in stone, but the AFC will still be determined by the result of the Sunday Night Football Contest between the New York Jets and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The NFC’s playoff teams were already determined, but where they were seeded was up for grabs in week 17. The final seeding is as follows:

1) New Orleans Saints
2) Minnesota Vikings
3) Dallas Cowboys
4) Arizona Cardinals
5) Green Bay Packers
6) Philadelphia Eagles

Ironically, the bottom four seeded NFC teams played each other in week 17 and those exact same match-ups will occur in the wild card round of the playoffs… in the exact same stadiums. Both games were embarrassments as well with the Cowboys lighting up the Eagles in a 24-0 shutout and the Packers handing the Cardinals their ass to the tune of 33-7.

The AFC playoff picture was wide open going into the final week, with both wildcard berths still to be determined. If the Jets take care of their business tonight, the AFC seeding will be:


1) Indianapolis Colts
2) San Diego Chargers
3) New England Patriots
4) Cincinnati Bengals
5) New York Jets
6) Baltimore Ravens

Under this scenario the Patriots would host the Ravens and the Bengals would host a rematch with the Jets in the first round.

Should Cincinnati win, it juggles things up from the 3 seed on down as follows:

1) Indianapolis Colts
2) San Diego Chargers
3) Cincinnati Bengals
4) New England Patriots
5) Baltimore Ravens
6) Houston Texans

That’s right, we said the Houston Texans. They would travel to Cincinnati for their first-ever playoff game while the Patriots will still host the Ravens. So therefore, the guaranteed games next weekend are:

Philadelphia at Dallas
Green Bay at Arizona
Baltimore at New England

All times are to be determined (by the biggest advertising dollars).

Tune back in to the TMR Zoo Monday evening as we open up our Playoff Pick’em contest where you guess the entire playoff scenario for a chance to win some great prizes!