Former Miss California Carrie Prejean Gets Over Exposed At The Beach

FP_IMAGE_4364690/FP_SET_4362458Former Miss California Carrie Prejean needs some help learning how to properly size a bikini top. It seem the outwardly Christian model who once said “I am a Christian, and I am a model. Models pose for pictures, including lingerie and swimwear photos.” Doesn’t know how to put swimwear on correctly.

These nip slip or oops photos from Hawaii are more than enough proof that Carrie Prejean might not be the brightest bulb. Is it that hard to put on a bikini? Also how long do you walk around with your nipple hanging out before you notice you might be chilly?

The Carrie Prejean sex tape is already out there and being downloaded on every torrent site in America. I guess this isn’t a big thing. I am thinking this isn’t the 16th minute of fame, it is the 17th minute.

If you were wondering what a $5200 boob job looks like, you got $2600 of it right here.